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Dr. Jamila Ben Hadda

The Faculty of Pharmacy is mainly interested in preparing creative cadres, and leaving a longlasting impression in higher education. Therefore, it applies the best strategies to integrate the values of education, research, participation and social responsibility. It also strives to harness all the potentials and efforts to support the quality of higher education, and enhance the efficiency of its outputs; as such to meet the ambitions and aspirations in our country. The Faculty provides all academic and training needs necessary to achieve the desired scientific goal, through appointing a distinguished elite of faculty members who put all efforts in building and developing the Faculty. Since the beginning, the Faculty of Pharmacy has been keen on building the best laboratories and furnishing them with the latest equipment and tools that fit a university prepared to deal with scientific development, and that seeks to provide its students with the appropriate applied experience. The Faculty also arms its students with the necessary skills to work in community pharmacies and pharmaceutical factories to contribute to the overall development process. With great pleasure, I invite you to get a closer look at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ebla Private University through its electronic portal. Wishing success for everyone.

Dr. Jameelah BENHADDA 

Staff Academic Rank Administrative Position Type of contract CV
Dr. Jamila Ben Hadda Assistant Professor Dean landlords
Dr. Abdulkarim Radwan Teacher Staff member landlords
Dr. Mais Kataya Teacher Staff member landlords
Dr. Ibrahim Kebbewar Teacher Staff member landlords
Dr. Ibrahim Daboul Professor Staff member Full time
Dr. Mahmoud Nasir Assistant Professor Staff member Full time
Dr. Ahmed Manie Teacher Staff member Full time
Dr. Moustafa Fawaz Chehna Professor Staff member Part time